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“Art By Sam”: Where Halloween Meets S&M [Artist Spotlight]

“Art by Sam” is the odd and eldritch collection of works by Sam Villanueva that introduces a vibe hinting of ‘S&M meets Silent Hill’. She made her showcase debut on March 30th in Downtown New Orleans, Louisiana, at the RAW Artist “CUSP” Showcase.

Art by Sam
Art by Sam

“Fostering a deep connection with the work she creates, her pieces are sleek examples of pop-macabre, artfully weaving darker themes with a playful touch,” says RAW Artists.

Source: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1263887083687481&substory_index=0&id=450941558315375

The showcase featured painters, graphic and fashion designers, music, and more from around the United States in a creative display of countless forms. River Beats had a moment to sit down with her to ask questions regarding her debut, creative works, and what her future holds!

Art by Sam
Art by Sam
How long have you been doing “Art by Sam,” and when did you know that this was something you wanted to pursue passionately?

I have been making art since I was young. While living with my parents I viewed art as a hobby; but, as I fell deeper into the rabbit’s hole, I crossed the line between hobby and burning passion. That was the moment I decided to move out and make my apartment a living studio where there is little room for procrastination.

Art by Sam
Art by Sam
If you had to put your finger on it, where would you say you get the primary inspiration for your work?

My 5 senses, or 6. Music, film/shows, video games, and literature tickle them the most.

How much time do you typically spend on one piece, and how long does it take to bring one to fruition?

Time is something I rarely pay attention to when I am working, but it varies with each project.

Art by Sam 2
Art by Sam
If you had to ballpark three artists, whom would you say your artwork is similar to?

I do not have an answer. I do, however, have artists whose work I heavily admire — Yoshitaka Amano, Tim Burton, Esao Andrews, Dave Mckean and much more.

If your artwork were a music genre, or genres, which would it be and why?

Dark Orchestral, because it’s always Halloween in my mind.

Art by Sam 6
Art by Sam
Where do you see yourself going with your artwork in the next few years?

Wherever my Will takes me.

We will keep you updated on future developments from Art by Sam!

Until then, connect with her via social media!

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