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Pythian Market Introduces Chicken Wing Showdown on October 17 [Details Inside]

Do you love that juicy pull of meat from a tender drummie? Are you a fan of the salty drip that comes from cracking a crisp wingette? Whatever your preference is when grubbing on some chicken wings, we can all agree on one thing: there are few foods that are as satisfying to munch on. The Pythian Market agrees. That’s why they’re introducing their first-ever Chicken Wing Showdown on Wednesday, October 17th.

The Pythian Market, if you’re unfamiliar, is an up-and-coming food collective. They are the latest to open their doors in the Crescent City. The urban foodie hub might be a fresh face, but the building it occupies is far from new. Located on 234 Loyola Avenue, The Market occupies a space formally known as the Pythian Temple: a former center for African-American culture, live jazz, and local organizing in New Orleans. The building now serves as a home to some of the freshest and most-cutting edge culinary ventures in all of the city.

The upcoming Wing Showdown is sure to be an event worthy of the history and heritage the Pythian Market is embodying. Five of the market’s thirteen vendors will be serving guests in an effort to be crowned the Winning Wing. The competing vendors are Eat Well, Meribo Pizza, Frencheeze, 14 Parishes and Little Fig. All are sure to delight and excite visitors with an array of wing-cooking techniques and sauces.

How it works

The contest runs like most food competitions (and modern democracies) do. Guests pay ($12) for a vote to be heard. With the entry-fee, guests can simple wings from each vendor. Visitors have one vote to place in support of their preferred snack. The wing-passport includes a draft beer to wash down all that crispy goodness with. At the end of the competition, ballots are tallied and a popular winner is selected.

In addition to the “People’s Choice” award, a panel of celebrity judges will be present to take a blind taste test. Using their esteemed taste-buds, these critics will make a selection for the “Very Best Wing” award. You won’t want to miss this contest.

Have your personal say and your wing-urge satisfied at the Pythian Market, on Wednesday, October 17th at 6PM.


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Photo via Randy P. Schmidt

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