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Sam Villanueva’s Warehouse P(ART)Y Was Uncomfortably Incredible [Event Review]

Artist Sam Villanueva’s creations pull on multiple emotions not normally felt in unison, and that’s what we like about it. Her recent self-curated art showcase in a random warehouse somewhere in Elmwood, LA featured artists whose abstract visions aligned with her own.

📷: Lush Boudoir / Artist: Sam Villanueva

Other Visual Artists, Photographers, and Literary Artists present were: Bobby Reisinger, Adrian Garcia, Hayward Landry, Lush Boudoir Photography, Tomas Raul Photography, and Raven Jade.

📷: Lush Boudoir

📷: Lush Boudoir

Upon walking in to the warehouse was a giant wrestling ring, which was, unfortunately, off limits.

We don’t want a bunch of intoxicated, artsy, intellectuals going at it in the ring… or do we?

The second room was where visual artists, photographers, and literary artists took the floor. You can check out more photos from the event here.

📷: Lush Boudoir

📷: Lush Boudoir / Artist: Bobby Reisinger

📷: Lush Boudoir / Artist: Adrian Garcia

The third, and final, room was a music studio aptly named ‘Studio Instead’, who provided the warehouse space for this evening!

📷: Lush Boudoir / Studio Instead
📷: Lush Boudoir

To top the night off was a performance by Experimental, Dreamscape, Grunge band ‘Tranche‘.

Tranche - A (PART)Y
📷: Brittany Rae / Band: Tranche

Sam plans on doing more self-curated art showcases in the near future, and we’ll be crossing our fingers for an invite!

In the meantime, you can check out our artist spotlight on her here!

Connect with Sam Villanueva:

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  1. Don Baudin

    Photo Credit: Lush Boudoir Photography

    Band Photo: Brittany Rae

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