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Tom Brady Throws TD Pass To Drew Brees’ Son In a Touching Moment After Playoff Game

It wasn’t what we hoped for as Tom Brady and the Buccaneers got the best of Drew Brees and the Saints during the NFC Divisional round. But well after the game was over, there was another moment that should help Who Dat fans realize why we love Drew Brees so much. 

The two hall of fame quarterbacks shared a special moment on the Superdome turf well after the game was over. Brady went out on the field and spend some time with Brees and his family. After a long talk between the two greats, Tom Brady delivered a perfect TD pass to one of Brees’ sons and told them to “Be nice to your sister.”

The Buccaneers advanced after defeating the Saints 30-20, and will now play the Green Bay Packers next week in the NFC championship game. 

Although he has not publically commented, several large news outlets and on-air personalities and said Brees is set to retire following the loss to the Bucs. If he does, this moment will be at least a moment we can hold onto for some time. Brees and his family stayed on the field soaking up all they could for about two hours after the final whistle blew. See all the moments below. 

Featured Image: (AP Photo/Butch Dill)

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