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12 Years Ago Today, Steve Gleason Blocked an Atlanta Falcons Punt; The Rest Is History [Watch]

Even today as I watch the video over and over, I still get goosebumps. Sometimes football is just a game, but other times, it means so much more. This moment was much larger than football.

Twelve years ago today, Steve Gleason went on to block a punt against the Atlanta Falcons. That punt-block went on to symbolize the rebirth of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

12 years later…

It’s been quite a remarkable twelve years for the Saints organization since that blocked punt. A Hall of Fame career for Drew Brees, a Superbowl win, three division titles, and countless memorable moments have all been wrapped into a hell of a ride.

While the punt-block along didn’t symbolize how amazing these Saints are, it marked a new era for New Orleans. The moment was so memorable that we’ve dedicated a statue to its history.

Gleason has gone on to be a true Saint, even after being diagnosed with ALS. He is present at every game and continues to be a huge rallying point for ALS patients and New Orleans residents.

So watch the moment below, relive the glory of it, and get goosebumps one more time.


Just to add another insult, the Saints have gone on to block 3 more Falcons punts since this moment, including one this past weekend in Atlanta.

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