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Buffalo Wild Wings’ Tweets are Almost as Bogus as Yesterday’s Blown Touchdown Call

Buffalo Wild Wings

You may have thought it was bad enough that the Saints had such a tragic day on the field yesterday, but Buffalo Wild Wings wanted to try and make it worse.

Yesterday, the restaurant’s corporate account fired off a few tweets, and they were ill-advised, at best. 

The tweet was in reference to a flurry of lawsuits which were taken up by Saints fans across the state after a botched pass interference call against the Rams cost the Saints a chance at the Superbowl last season. 

The B-Dubs tweet was heard round’ the world. Or, at least around the city. Saints fans responded by promising to boycott the establishment, along with tweeting some very concerning photos about things that go on at BWW locations across the country. Not to be deterred, the corporate account continued on their tone-deaf rant by apparently mocking Drew Brees, who left the game with injury.  

The attitude getting thrown by Buffalo Wild Wings is not quite as salty as everything on their menu, but it is just as mediocre. What’s most baffling about the situation is that BWW has three locations in this market, and they are all locally owned. While the corporation might view this as harmless smack-talk, local franchisee Amit Patel has to do damage control, all while risking a drop in his business despite things out of his hands. 

”I’m a nine-year Saints season ticket holder. That tweet in no way reflects our feelings. We are locally owned, we’re part of the Who Dat Nation, we love the Saints.”

– Amit Patel

Patel even went as far as distributing foam “Pass Interference” hands to guests for Sunday’s game, which is more effort than Buffalo Wild Wings puts into managing their tweets. He went on to compare the tweet to “when someone in your family says something that doesn’t reflect what you’re all about.” 

B-Dubs corporate headquarters is in Viking Territory, but the parent company, Inspire Brands, calls Atlanta home. Sound suspect? If the business owners really are Falcons fans, they may need to clean the dirty out of their ears so they can hear the phone: Saints fans are making calls better than the Refs. We’ll go ahead and stick to getting our chicken from Popeyes.

Featured image via restaurant Facebook page. 

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