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Celebrate Brunch Month with Weekly, Local Pop-Ups at SoFAB

brunch month

Of all the great innovations to come out of New Orleans, the invention of brunch might be our favorite. Invented by Madame Begue in the 1870s, the concept of brunch quickly spread from New Orleans and into the rest of the world. This month, the Southern Food and Beverage Museum is celebrating this iconic piece of history with a special month of pop-ups that they call, “Brunch Month.”

To celebrate the grand brunch tradition, SoFAB will take the month of October to showcase four pop-up brunches: Drag Brunch, Kamyan Brunch, Barrow’s Beyond Catfish Brunch, and Halloween Boheme Brunch. The in-house bar, curated by Dooky Chase bar director Eve Marie, will feature classic brunch drinks and punches.

This series of pop-ups will be hosted by some of New Orleans’ renowned Chefs and personalities. In traditional New Orleans extravaganza, each pop-up is a three-course brunch (unless otherwise noted below) priced at $60 per person. The prix fixe menu includes tax and gratuity but excludes alcohol. The lineup is as follows:

Drag Brunch with Poppy Tooker, dishes by Chef Jason Goodenough (Carrolton Market) – Sunday, 10/3

Filipino Kamyan Brunch, featuring Cristina Quackenbush (Milkfish) *Four Courses – Saturday, 10/16

Barrow’s Beyond Catfish, featuring the team from Barrow’s Catfish – Saturday, 10/23

Halloween Boehme Brunch, featuring Colleen Allerton and Camille Staub of Luncheon – Saturday, 10/30

From shrimp and sweet potato crepes to smoked brisket and biscuits ‘n’ debris, these local chefs are creating delicious menus that live up to the historic standards set by the Southern Food & Beverage Museum.

Don’t miss this special, extravagant celebration of New Orleans history and great food. Tickets can be purchased for any of the brunches at

Click here for full menus of each Birthplace of Brunch Month pop-up.

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