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WATCH: A New Orleans Musical Legend Shares Amazing NOLA Themed ‘Jingle Bells’

Is there anything better than the Holiday season in New Orleans? We would have to argue there isn’t, but obviously our bias tends to fall with NOLA. 

With that being said, we do have some of the most festive characters in our city during this time of the season. If you don’t believe me, you need to watch the video of one of our musical legends Doreen Ketchens performing her take on Jingle Bells.


How amazing was that?! If you’re unfamiliar with Doreen, she is a jazz clarinetist known as one of the first female bandleaders in New Orleans. She has performed at concert halls, music festivals, and some of the countries biggest events for decades. Doreen and her band perform weekly near the Royal Street Performing Arts Zone in the French Quarter. 

With a New Orleans style groove, some amazing vocals, and some of the best Clarinet playing we’ve ever heard Doreen has easily created one of the best “Jingle Bells” versions we’ve ever seen.

If you love Doreen and would like to check out more of her amazing sound, please visit her Facebook page here! A big shoutout to Muriel’s Jackson Square for capturing this viral moment in the French Quater! 

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