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jxdn Shows New Orleans Pop Punk is Still Thriving

With just a few shows left on his US tour (before picking up abroad next year), jxdn stopped in New Orleans ready to rock.

jxdn’s debut album, Tell Me About Tomorrow, was released late last year as the first artist Travis Barker signed to his new label, DTA Records. Travis Barker knew what he was doing when he picked the young TikTok star as his debut artist. In a slew of kids trying to make it big on the short-form-video app, jxdn is likely one of the most talented users to rise to stardom. 

jxdn kicked the night off with his album’s leading song “Pills.” The crowd went absolutely nuts, and while jxdn himself is a high-energy performer, it definitely assisted with amplifying that.

Feeding on the crowd’s stamina throughout the night, even his most somber song, the album’s title track, was made exciting when he brought a fan on stage to help belt the poignant lyrics.

jxdn in New Orleans

The best part of the night was watching jxdn connect with his fans in a way that I haven’t seen in quite some time. In addition to bringing a fan on-stage to assist with “Tell Me About Tomorrow,” he continuously used fans’ phones, and even a disposable camera at one point, to take photos of the show. When performing “Wanna Be,” a song featuring his tour companion Machine Gun Kelly (MGK), he Facetimed MGK and passed his phone around to fans against the front row to further the hype sustained throughout the song.

Favorite song of the night: “No Vanity

Often alluding to the notion of being a “rockstar,” jxdn’s first tour is proof that he is well on his way to becoming just that.

jxdn in New Orleans

Photos by Rebecca Reece / @bwilbzz.


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