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Palm Sunday, Rising New Orleans Band, Embraces Genre-Bending Sound With New Music Video

I recently stumbled upon a rising New Orleans band, Palm Sunday, and their lead singer Meredith “Merle” Law, and fell for their amazing sound. Palm Sunday is a three-piece band that features Merle on vocals, and core members Ajai Combelic and Ethan Brasseaux. 

Merle, the band’s lead voice and songwriter, credits their sound as being “timeless in nature with genre-bending qualities.” Their debut album Wishful Thining was released in 2019, and features an exploration of genre-bending sounds combined with Merle’s deep and emotional vocals. Merle recently sat down with us, as we explored their unique sound and vision for Palm Sunday.

“Palm Sunday started in Atlanta in 2018. The name is meant to depict a tropical easy feeling. That sound caters to the exploration of genre-bending in our debut album Wishful Thinking. – Merle Law

Their debut album, Wishful Thinking, was released on Palm Sunday last year and features five singles each with a unique sound direction. One of our favorite songs from the release was “Swimming In Indigo,” a song that Merle described as a song about a platonic love for someone with synesthesia. Synesthesia is a condition in which the stimulation of one sense triggers an automatic, experience in another sense. People who have synesthesia may see sounds, taste words, or feel a sensation on their skin when they smell certain scents. 


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Happy holidays everyone. Thanks to the camera work of @bronmoyi editing by @cinepfeil and a special appearance by @honeythefool #comingsoon

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Today “Swimming In Indigo” saw the release of a stunningly beautiful music video to accompany it. The video was directed by local cinematographer Bron Moyi, who recently captured the 2018 Best Cinematography Award at the 29th Annual New Orleans Film Festival for his short film Wings. The prize from that award was used to produce the stunning music video for “Swimming in Indigo.”

The video depicts Merle and her companion Zachary Halpern (of the band’s Makers Archive & Honey The Fool) enjoying each other’s company as they stroll through various parts of The Fly and the quirky & cool Bywater home the Bywater Wonderland. One of the main themes of the video features a colorful luminescent ketelflower installation that was designed and created by local artist Josh Pitts. The music video is an ideal marriage of the New Orleans art & music community and Moyi’s excellent directing presence.

“Swimming In Indigo was made by the generous contribution of talent, hard work, and collaboration between our local arts, music, and film community. I’d like to acknowledge several people for this project: our talented editor Stephen Pfile who’s work truly elevated this project, our crew of two, Aaron Sarles and Drew Statham, Josh Pitts who created the beautiful Ketelflower installation, Stacy Hoover at Bywater Wonderland, and the team over at VER for their continued support. Thank you all!” – Bron Moyi 

You can see the music video from “Swimming In Indigo” below. And give Palm Sunday a follow on social media here. 




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