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Peyton Manning Foundation & WOW Cafe Delivery 2000 Free Meals to Ochsner Frontline Workers

In the past few weeks, New Orleans residents & local restaurants have rallied to support Front Line healthcare workers and hospitality staff. Through the form of donations, free meals, and feel-good stories, NOLA continues to show what really matters to us: our community. 

Those feel-good stories continue as WOW American Eats in partnership with the Peyton Manning Foundation, delivered nearly 2000 meals to all Ochsner campuses on Sunday, April, 19. Both organizations are using the donations as a way to show their appreciation for frontline staff in healthcare facilities. Scott Ballard – co-founder of Ballard Brands: PJ’s Cofee, WOW Cafe, and The Orginal City Diner – assisted directly with the deliveries to all of Ochsner’s greater New Orleans campuses tonight. 

WOW Cafe & the Peyton Manning foundation join Sofia, Ruby Slipper, Toups Meatery, Urban South, Port Orleans, Blue BBQ, and dozens more helping to keep the NOLA healthcare teams fed during these trying times. 

About Ballard Hospitality

Ballard has been on the frontline in helping families. They created an initiative to distribute meals to students and their families in St. Tammany, East Baton Rouge, and St. Bernard Parishes.

The program has currently delivered a total of 58,000 meal boxes, which should last families for a week or more. This is part of a federal initiative to provide meals to every student under 18. Ballard is now preparing a 10-meal breakfast and lunch meal box that should last parents for up to two weeks.

To date, Ballard has handed out one million meals to Louisiana children and their families. The Ballard team donates their time preparing the boxes and delivering them to school districts.

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