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Red Bull ‘Circle of Balance Flatland BMX’ Tour Makes Its USA Debut at Mardi Gras World This Weekend

Red Bull ‘Circle of Balance Flatland BMX’ Tour Makes Its USA Debut at Mardi Gras World. Tickets are available HERE.

Sixteen of the top Flatland BMX athletes from across the globe will descend on the Crescent City for the 5th edition of Red Bull Circle of Balance on December 17.

The hand-selected riders will take their skills to the floor at New Orleans’ iconic Mardi Gras World – a venue as atmospheric and artistic as the sport itself. Bike enthusiasts from around the world can watch all the action live on Red Bull TV.

About Red Bull Circle of Balance

Flatland BMX is a complex and progressive discipline of BMX that can best be described as dancing on a bike.

Red Bull Circle of Balance showcases the very best of Flatland BMX, giving the world’s greatest athletes a platform to demonstrate their unique styles and techniques with the hopes of being crowned champion. 16 of the world’s best athletes are invited to compete in a unique battle format, which was created specifically for the event back 20 years ago. 

Who is Invited? 

Sixteen invite-only athletes representing nine countries will go head-to-head in a bracket-style, seeding competition. No ramps, no rails; just the riders, their bikes, and the New Orleans floor. Spectators will surround the stage as the competing athletes showcase their sport in an art form that perfectly complements the culture and creativity of New Orleans. 

Two-time NORA Cup winner (Number One Rider Award) and hometown hero, Terry Adams will be among the riders throwing down for the ultimate crown in Flatland BMX. Adams’ legacy in competition performance and social content has transcended the sport over the last two decades. “Riders around the world have been waiting for The Red Bull Circle of Balance to come to the United States for a very long time,” said Adams. “To have it near my home is a dream come true. This is our Super Bowl of Flatland events. I can’t wait to show my closest friends and family how Flatland looks on such a competitive stage.”

Adams will be joined by 15 accomplished riders with stacked resumes including X Games Gold medalists, NORA Cup winners, and UCI World Champions. The competitors will be representing nine countries including Japan – home to many of the top talents in Flatland BMX. Full rider list below:

Terry Adams (USA)     

Matthias Dandois (FRA)

Kio Hayakawa (JPN)

Poosa-Art Pakphum “Toon” (THA)           

Alex Jumelin (FRA)

Bruno Morotti Bacchiegga (BRA)

Yu Katagiri (JPN)

Jean William Prevost “Dub” (CAN)

Matt Wilhelm (USA)

Varo Hernandez (ESP)

Lee Musselwhite (ENG)

Omari Cato (USA)

Moto Sasaki (JPN)

Sietse van Berkel (NED)

Yu Shoji (JPN)

Mickey Gaidos (USA)

The Judges

Six former Flatland BMX champions will judge the competition at Red Bull Circle of Balance. The judges will score based on originality, difficulty, consistency, execution, and style. At the completion of each head-to-head battle, the panel will identify the winner by holding up cards with the rider’s assigned color and score.

The winning rider will advance to the next round. Judges include; 1997 World Champion Frank Lukas (Germany) who will act as head judge, three-time NORA Cup winner, Chad Degroot (USA), ESPN Invitational winner, Mike Steingräber (Germany) alongside Flatland phenoms Travis Collier (Canada), Kotaro Tanaka (Japan) and Alexis Desolneux (France). Judges Frank Lukas, Mike Steingräber, Travis Collier, and Kotaro Tanaka are also former Red Bull Circle of Balance athletes. 

Event details & How To Watch Live

The event takes place Saturday, December 17 at 7 PM CST. The venue is Mardi Gras World in New Orleans (1380 Port of New Orleans Pl, New Orleans, LA 70130). Those looking to learn much more about this series and Flatland BMX events should check this page out HERE. Tickets are available at https://win.gs/BIKENOLA

For those unable to attend Red Bull Circle of Balance, the competition will be streamed live exclusively on Red Bull TV, beginning at 7 pm CST / 2 am CET. WATCH HERE!

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