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4 Ways to Celebrate the Spring Equinox in New Orleans Today

Equinox in New Orleans

The spring equinox is the annual, lunar event where there are equal parts day and night, and it just so happens to be today. Cultural adaptations range from the Easter to pagan’s Ostara, but regardless of its title, it’s a time of heightened energetics.

And if there’s anything we know about New Orleans, it’s that she loves a good reason to celebrate. Here are five ways you can get a little witchy and celebrate the spring equinox today.

Drum Down the Moon with Crescent Craft Nola

Join New Orlean’s most recent spiritual community group in a special full moon circle for this equinox. The equinox also happens to fall on the full moon of March, known in some traditions as the “worm moon.”

The group will lead guests in a simple guided meditation, give some astrological insight into the full moon and the equinox, then hold space for some drumming and energetic work.

The event is donation based, with all proceeds going back to support the community.

Ostara Ritual with the Beehive Coven

Beehive is Metairie’s educational coven that holds public rituals during every Sabbat. A Sabbat is a special Pagan holiday and includes this spring equinox (Ostara).

“Our mission is to help educate the community about Wicca and serve as an outreach group providing resources to the Pagan and non-Pagans in our area.”

  • Beehive Coven

The public Ostara ritual takes place this Saturday the 23rd. Join the group for a 10:00 AM picnic followed by a public ritual at noon, all at Kenner Veteran’s Memorial Park. No pre-registration is required.

Hoop What Ya Mama Gave Ya: A Beginners Workseries at the Drifter

Start your evening off with a little movement meditation from your local flow arts community. Flow instructor and creator of the Glow With the Flow Arts and Performance Festival – Moon Bug – will lead the beginner’s workshop.

Learn some special hoop tricks, grab a drink, browse some local vendors, and stay for the special flow jam afterward. All for $10. All at The Drifter Hotel.

Sprouting Moon  by Enjoy the Productions

Take your equinox celebration into late night with Enjoy the Productions. Music performances include Marcus Lott, Otto, and Napier, all on a fully backlit dance floor. There will also be reiki energy healing, psychic readings, body art, live painting, dance performers and a special toast to the moon at 1 am.

Tickets are $5 at the door. Follow Enjoy the Journey for the address.

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