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Abita Announces New Low-Carb & Low-Calorie IPA: Hop 99

Beer fans rejoice! Abita Brewery is releasing a brand new beer and they have all those low carb lovers in mind.  

Their “guilt-free” IPA is set to meet the demands of the evolving beer drinker. The light IPA, titled Hop 99 contains only 99 calories and 2.7 carbohydrates. Hop 99 will be available for purchase at the end of the month. Abita plans to sell the beer year-round and in all markets their other products are sold.

As the craft beer market evolves, especially in New Orleans and the gulf south, Louisiana’s first and largest brewery recognized the need to introduce a new product. David Blossman, President & CEO of Abita said Hop 99 is the result of Abita’s brewing team and Abita’s loyal patrons evolving together. 

“This beer gave us the challenge to create a flavor-forward, drinkable IPA, while it gives beer drinkers a craft-forward, sessionable option that significantly cuts the amount of carbohydrates and calories normally found in an IPA, or any category for that matter.”

– David Blossman

Abita plans to pack Hop 99 with Mosaic and Citra to give it a big “hop” flavor, while their pale malts will give the beer a light body and crisp finish.  The brewery plans to see Hop 99 in 12-oz cans, ¼, and ½ draft kegs. If you are really loving this new IPA idea you can sample Hop 99 at the brewery’s Tap Room.

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