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Bear Grillz Kills the Midwest (Exclusive “Bear” Interview)

Heads bang hard in the Midwest, especially when Bear Grillz is dropping nasty bass lines to a floor full of thirsty fans.  River Beats Media recently made a long distance trip up the Mississippi all the way to the Olentangy River in Columbus, Ohio, to scope out Bear Grillz and the flavors of the Midwest EDM scene. We weren’t disappointed. Snap-back hat tip to Prime Social Media Group and The Life Backstage for putting together a dope line-up of artists at Park Street Saloon that fed the crowd all night long.


The night opened up with Columbus local Kill Bill showing off a wide range of mixing skills.  House flow coupled with busts of contemporary hits were mixed between heavy bass and dubstep. Kill Bill primed the crowd with energy before passing off the stage to G-Buck. As the crowd grew in anticipation of the headliner, he came on hitting the floor with heavy hip-hop and trap mixes cut with industrial sounds that had the crowd jumping and head banging.  His funky trap sounds got the crowd lit for Bear Grillz who brought the whole house down with his unique style and mesmerizing costume light show.  Grillz feeds off the energy of the crowd and worked them into a frenzy for a wild show. We caught up with Bear Grillz after the set to check in on how life as a bad-ass producer is going.


River Beats: What other music genres/influences inspire you besides EDM?

Grillz: “I love reggae and chill music, but there is a lizard down by the creek that’s making some bad-ass liquid drum n bass at the moment.”


River Beats: If you weren’t touring, who would you be going to see in concert?

Grillz: “Probably Griz, Crizzly, or Muzzy Bear just because I keep it real with my kind.”


River Beats: Got any interesting or exciting collaborations coming up?

Grillz: “Not at the moment, but this frickin zebra hit me up to collab. I told him I was too famous to be mixing with those kinds.”  


River Beats: The EDM scene is blowing up everywhere. Since you’ve been touring, how have Midwest venues compared to the traditional coastal and European venues?

Grillz: “Well, as long as there is pizza and weed, I’m good… wait…what was the question again????”

The show was lit, and when acts like Bear Grillz light up the stage, it’s easy to see that the EDM scene in the Midwest is as hot as a Baton Rouge summer night.  If you head bangerz find yourself in Columbus, Ohio, or anywhere else north of the Mason Dixon line, check out Prime Social’s EDM concert series. You won’t be disappointed.  

A special thanks for covering this show to our Midwest Correspondent, Richard Scott


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