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LSU Releases Amazing Video Featuring The Letter From Billy Cannon’s Family To Joe Burrow [Watch]

Goosebumps! That’s all we get watching this amazing video from LSU featuring a letter from Billy Cannon’s family to Joe Burrow. A few days ago as Burrow made his way to New York City, LSU gave him a letter written by the daughter of LSU legend Billy Cannon. 

The letter symbolized that Burrow is now in a special company at LSU, as he and Cannon are the only two Heisman winners from the university. Watch the video as Cannon’s daughter, Bunnie, reads the letter out loud to all the Tiger faithful to hear. What a special moment Tiger fans! 


Like I said before, Goosebumps. Burrow’s emotion is well documented throughout his acceptance speech, and Bunnie’s words echo how proud Louisiana is of him. 

The two jerseys hanging in the background symbolize how truly special this moment is. Cannon and Burrow, side by side, 60 years later. But remember, the job is not done yet! LSU plays Oklahoma on December 28 in Atlanta! 

Images: Courtesy of the LSU football team. 

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