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Netflix Show ‘Dating Around’ Season 2 Featuring All NOLA Residents

Last August we talked about a popular streaming service that was headed to NOLA to film their second season. The series was set to feature “one of the most diverse casts ever to appear in a non-fiction program.” The network was seeking a wide range of amazing people who were doing big things for the NOLA community (chefs, disaster relief workers, etc.). 

While we couldn’t at the time speak on what the series was, we’re happy to report today that the series is called Dating Around, and will premiere its second season Friday, June 12. The entire series is set in New Orleans and features NOLA locals. If you are unfamiliar with the show, it revolves around multiple episodes each season in which one character is paired with several daters. The unique twist is how the episodes are filmed. Each episode is almost a continuous date with no interruptions. The camera pans back and forth between the different daters, giving it a very different feel than most dating shows.

Dating around examines all kinds of relationships and orientations ranging from heterosexual and bisexual to same-sex couples. The show is without a doubt the complete opposite of shows like the Bachelorette or Bachelor which have recently come under fire for its lack of inclusion.

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