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BUKU + Upbeat Academy Launch Take Action Project To Support #BLM, Ask For ‘Fan Action’

The Buku & Upbeat Academy team members have been asking themselves the same question many of us have lately. How we can best use our platform and privilege to help with issues of social injustice? Their answer is the latest launch of the Take Action Project.

The Take Action Project has three main initiatives:

  1. Donating & raising money to organizations on the front lines of fighting systemic racism, advocating for police reform and furthering environmental & social sustainability
  2. Using their voice  to increase awareness amongst fans and encourage them to take action
  3. Creating a lens through which the organizations look for ways to be more diverse, inclusive and sustainable

Yesterday the Winter Circle team launched their first phase within the Take Action Project, a project they call “The First Step.” In a unique fundraising flair, the project calls for action from both the fans and the members within the organizations.

For starters, Upbeat Academy & the BUKU Project are donating $5,000 to benefit both the Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights and the NAACP Legal Defense + Educational Fund. BUKU will additionally pledge $10 for every “fan action” taken in support of black communities. 

What is a “fan action”? It’s an act of support for the black communities. This can be donating, volunteering, protesting, supporting a Black artist or Black business, or self-educating. Fans then complete a short action form for the organizations.  

With this system, they’re hoping to not only raise awareness but move awareness forward into action. 

“We are by no means experts on this matter, and we recognize the risk in stepping into these waters, but we decided that silence is no longer an option.  We need to do better and this is our first step.” – The Winter Circle Team

And our friends on the BUKU team promise us that this is only the beginning. With future campaigns & donations already in the works, the festival team plans to make initiatives like this a quarterly effort from their organization. 

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Have you taken a recent action in support? Fill out the Action Project Participation Form here.

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