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Bywater Neighborhood Businesses Team Up for Sneaky Pickle Day

sneaky pickle

After the upsetting news that Bywater vegan favorite, Sneaky Pickle, would close for at least a month following an unexpected fire the neighborhood stepped up. Sneaky Pickle is a local staple in the Bywater since it’s opening in 2014, and when they hit hard times, other local businesses in the neighborhood have done everything they can to get Sneaky Pickle back on their feet.

The latest endeavor is Sneaky Pickle Day – today April 18, 2019! Local Bywater businesses such as Capulet, Bacchanal Wine, The Joint BBQ, Pizza Delicious, Satsuma Cafe, and others are donating 15% of all profits today for Sneaky Pickle relief.

There will also be an 80’s Themed Fundraiser for Sneaky Pickle held at Capulet Bywater on Friday, April 26, 2019. More information here. 

We love to see the neighborhood coming together and helping out fellow businesses in need. Keep it up Bywater community! 

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