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C-LaB Shows his Love of Bass in New Mix [LISTEN]

While most of the Dohm was out of the country, local producer/DJ C-LaB was hard at work this last week.  C-LaB AKA Herb Jr AKA one-third of Sunsabetchez has been making music for over a decade, and we were able to snag a peak at his new mix.

C-LaB is one of the founding members of the Dohm Collective, a group of musicians and visual artists who dedicate their lives to the pursuit of music.  The Dohm’s main mission is to spread music and art and maintain a collaborative nature.  Above all, they also want to stick true to their core.  Between throwing mezzanine silent discos to building a giant geodesic dome in the middle of a desert, partiers know they’re in for a good time under the Dohm.

Dohm Sweet Dohm

Free the Herb from C-LaB

True to the collaborative nature of the Dohm, C-LaB is one-third of the dynamic trio of Susabetchez (also made up of DJ/Producer Matthew Zuppardo and Visual Artist Brendan Pechon).   Together, they throw down some bassy, head-banging, hard-slamming jams.  Each leg of this tripod brings their own individuality that makes it a whole.  This mix is C-LaB’s opportunity to really show people his side of that contribution and his love for bass music in full.

Dohm Crew at Shambhala

While the two other parts of Sunsa were attending Shambhala in Canada, C-LaB focused the energy and emotions of that magical place into an hour and a half mix of pure fire and banger-driven passion.  Trust me when I say, this track hits all the right spots.

He takes a full range of emotion and successfully encapsulated the essence of the Shambhala experience.  This is a crazy, chaotic, bassy, beautiful flow of energy and passion in every minute kind of mix.  And it really does help you get a sense of what it’s like to be on the Farm.

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