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What is Carnivoid? An In-Depth Look at The Iceman Special’s First Mardi Gras Ball


Carnivoid, Hosted by The IceMan Special is happening on February 11th at the Joy Theater. Get your tickets here.

nEW oRLEANS’ FAVORITE SWAMP-funk dudes, The Iceman Special, are hosting their very first mardi gras ball this year. Carnivoid will take place on February 11th, and is promised to be a feast for the senses.

Officially dubbed “The Circular Purple Circus,” Carnivoid will take over the Joy Theater on a Friday night. The line-up boasts strong local and national talent along with stunning visuals and immersive art experiences. Hosted by the four-piece headliner The Iceman Special, the event features the dynamic duo of Break Science, TBC Brass Band, and some unannounced special guests.

The Iceman and Joy teams have promised Carnivoid to be “a Mardi Gras Ball like no other.” And since The Iceman Special are no strangers to throwing cool parties in New Orleans, we’re totally on board.

Seven Years in the Making

You may know The Iceman from their epic past events – Dr. Dude’s Masquerade Parade, or maybe their signature camping festival Fête Du VOID. The bands’ live shows are notorious for their infectious energy and their use of innovative and creative visuals.

Ever since we saw Iceman debut their sophomore album at the Joy Theater in 2019, we’ve fallen hard for their live performances. A bit of funk & disco, some old-school rock ‘n roll, and a big New Orleans heart have helped them grow their fan base.

If you are unfamiliar with The Iceman Special, their unique blend of funk ‘n’ groove screams major New Orleans energy. Screeching yet smooth guitars, wandering yet punchy bass lines, electronic synth samples, driving drum beats, and powerful vocals.

When the four-piece group formed in the swamps of Louisiana seven years ago, they simultaneously formed their own Mardi Gras Krewe (Krew De Void.) Shortly after, they gave birth to Fête Du VOID. Now, they’re finally bringing the party into the city for their very own Mardi Gras ball.

The Circular Purple Circus

In true, fantastical fashion, Carnivoid promises “many many many more unpredictable backassward bewildering surprises.” The event promises Mardi Gras costumes, masks, and a feel of a “modern” music ball. Fans of Fête Du VOID should feel right at home.

But never to be complacent, the Iceman team has developed a “close and cool relationship” with the Joy Theater. The venue is allowing the artists to push the limits of what’s possible in downtown New Orleans. Even if you’ve been to Fête du VOID, you should still expect some surprises.

The team says their goal is to continue growing. Their love and dedication for their art are apparent in everything they produce. It’s obvious that this is more than just a party to the Iceman. They’re looking to leave a significant footprint on the history of good times in Louisiana.

“We’ll continue to push for new and creative ways to push Mardi Gras even after the Iceman isn’t special. ”


  • Hunter Romero, Team Iceman

Now you might still be asking the million-dollar question…what the heck is a Circular Purple Circus? River Beats got the lowdown straight from the source.

“The Circular Purple Circus is a concept created as a part of a fabricated Utopia called “Zycordia,” a product of The VOID. Dr. Dude lives there.”

Sounds like a party to us. We’ll see you there.

Carnivoid takes place on February 11th at the Joy Theater

Learn more and grab tickets here


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