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The Chainsmokers newest drop isn’t what you’d expect..

The Chainsmokers have been making waves in the electronic dance scene with their international hits like “Roses” and “Closer.”  But during the duo’s performance this past weekend at KAABOO festival in Del Mar, they had an unexpected drop in the middle of their set – and it wasn’t a new track.
The Chainsmokers’ Alex Pall, after a misstep while dancing on the DJ booth, tumbled into the front railing and fell backwards off the stage.  Pall quickly found himself lying face up in front of thousands of screaming fans just as “Don’t Let Me Down” blasted over the speakers. Seemingly unaffected, he immediately bounced back up to continue the show.  After their set, Pall tweeted in good humor, “Lol for the record I am okay and tougher than I look… And Clearly not coordinated.”  Check out the video below for a few laughs:


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