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Catch Fantasy Non Fiction’s Album Release at Faubourg Brewing Co

When New Orleans based four-piece, Fantasy Non Fiction released their self-titled debut on May 8th, 2020, the pandemic kept the band from performing an album release show.

Now, almost a year later to the day, they finally get the debut they wanted.

On Saturday May 1st at 3:30pm at Faubourg Brewing Co. (formerly Dixie Brewing), the band returns for their first live performance since the pandemic began.

The free, outdoor show is a great way to celebrate an album that Raw Meat called “pure unadulterated joy.”

Fantasy Non Fiction

The four-piece rock band features the original music of drummer/vocalist, Rose Cangelosi, a queer songwriter navigating the world through the catharsis of musical composition.

With complex rhythmic styles that complement the captivating melodies, FNF raises the bar for drummer-led projects.

Cangelosi sings precisely with a soaring ambience, while laying down anything from rock, disco or R&B grooves, to varying percussion styles inspired by the musical traditions of New Orleans, as well as those of international origin.

All the while dream-team guitar duo Molly Reeves and Nahum Zdybel create lush textures and rich harmonies around Rose’s melodies, and bassist Sam Albright ventures beyond his instruments’ conventional role with melodic lines as well as chordal accompaniment.

Musical chemistry and time-tested friendships keep this group of full-time musicians moving forward. Their self-titled debut album represents only a fraction of the repertoire you’ll hear at a live show, which the group hopes will take listeners through the sagas or every day fantasy.

Stream Fantasy Non Fiction now on Bandcamp and Spotify. 


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