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Rumors of Secret Pop Up Show with Childish Gambino Causes Crowds in French Quarter

Rumors that Childish Gambino was set to make an appearance at a New Orleans bar last night spun like flurries through the air.

A “secret pop up show” had people running down to Santos Bar in the French Quarter as soon as they could. With the password “stan” you could convince the door guy you were “on the list” for a “private event.”

You had to make it quick though, as the password “expired” shortly after 9 pm. Those who were lucky enough to make it in the door gathered with excitement to the stage.

Although details are unclear, many of New Orleans residents showed up to get a glimpse of the superstar. However, those dreams were short-lived as midnight, then 1 am, then finally 2 am rolled around with no sight of Donald Glover anywhere.

Although local DJ duo Kitty Kash and Standard Youth kept the party rocking with a wide spectrum of old school hip-hop, electronic and even some surprises like “Jesse’s Girl”. (We still don’t know how they managed that.)

Overall, everyone in attendance seemed to have a great time aside from the obvious letdown of not seeing the artist you arrived for.

Nola.Com is reporting Santos’ owner, Benji Lee, has 100% confirmed the show was authentic.

Was this a marketing tactic by Santos Bar to fill up their establishment at $10 a person, or was Childish Gambino actually going to perform but it fell through at the last minute? Only time will tell!

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