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Good Day Farm Releases New Lineup of Cannabis Products in Louisiana

Good Day Farm, a leading and largest licensed medical cannabis producer in the South, is launching products in Louisiana in the coming weeks and this is Louisianans’ chance to get on board. 

Founded in 2020, Good Day Farm is the largest licensed medical cannabis producer in the South, supplying the region with an abundant selection of cannabis products in a diverse range of formats, including premium flower, edibles, vapes, concentrates, syringes, tinctures, and topical creams.

Here is the full list of new products headed to Louisiana dispensaries: 

  • Cookies Flower (pre-pack flower – 3.5g) – Strains: The Soap, Honey Bun
  • MDI Go Pens Vape Pens in Strawberry Lemonade Punch, Blue Raspberry Smash, Berry Mint, Tropicanna, and Cosmic Berry Blast
  • Dablicator
  • Infused Chocolates
  • Infused Honey

This first-to-market lineup of products will bring cannabis patients of Louisiana more variety in how to consume their cannabis. Up until now, Louisiana has had a very limited amount of cannabis products available.

With state-of-the-art grow operations and cutting-edge R&D facilities across Louisiana, Arkansas, and Missouri, Good Day Farm prides itself on being an ambassador of this healing plant in the South, where every day the Company is on a relentless quest to grow, nurture and share really good cannabis. From high-touch and high-tech growing practices to expert extraction methods, everything Good Day Farm does is rooted in a desire to cultivate goodness – good people, good cannabis, and good days. 

Along with its new venture into the Louisiana markets, Good Day Farm has been active on the charity front, supporting breast cancer awareness efforts. Through an active partnership with Realm of Caring (RoC), a nonprofit dedicated to cannabinoid research, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Good Day Farm Titty Sprinkles cannabis will help fund Realm of Caring’s research on the effects of cannabinoids on breast cancer.

“We launched Titty Sprinkles to honor the millions of women – and their loved ones – affected by breast cancer. This strain is truly a labor of love, cultivated with the express purpose of supporting breast cancer research and awareness in the communities we serve,” said Laurie Gregory, Chief Marketing Officer, Good Day Farm.

“For many breast cancer patients and survivors, medical cannabis is a life-changing tool for coping with their physical and psychological symptoms. This partnership enables us to support Realm of Caring’s growing body of cannabinoid research, including its usefulness for breast cancer patients.” 

Available in Arkansas and Missouri – and soon to launch in Louisiana – the Titty Sprinkles portfolio includes 3.5g of flower, two full flower pre-rolls known as Good Day J’s, and diamond and sauce supreme concentrate. 

For more information about Good Day Farm or to find a dispensary near you, please visit

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