GRiZ Funks Up Mardi Gras World – New Orleans, LA

GRiZ provided New Orleans with a funk-filled Friday this past weekend with his latest tour and album, “Good Will Prevail.” The Ballroom of Mardi Gras World was the place to be in NOLA Friday night for electronic and funk fanatics to see GRiZ’s newest masterpiece, “Good Will Prevail,” live in action.


Support for the New Orleans destination consisted of Louis Futon, also featured on the new album, and electronic producer and pianist Haywyre. First up to get the night started was Louis Futon, who used a live drum pad paired with his simple electronic beats to create a euphoric state throughout the Ballroom. Afterward, Haywyre graced us with his presence on the keys and brought the energy up a notch with his unique dualistic style of classical/jazz roots and electronic production. The first two sets of the night caused for a perfect flow into GRiZ’s highly anticipated performance to end the night.


When the time finally came, GRiZ came out on stage with his All Good Records partner-in-crime, Muzzy Bearr on the guitar and together they began the funk takeover. The set began with second track featured on the new album, “Can’t Hold Me Down,” feat. Tash Neal. This rock-n-roll influenced song was a great start to the set and had everyone in the room already begging for more. GRiZ definitely continued to provide many favorites from the album along with spontaneous spins on throwbacks like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song and Kool & The Gang’s “Get Down On It.” iDa Hawk also joined the party throughout the set to accompany GRiZ and Muzzy with vocals for “I Don’t Mind” and “Gotta Push On;” both featured on the new album.


GRiZ sure knows how to move the energy of a room with his choice of tracks. He has a skill of building up numerous different instrumental elements and then breaking them down into something completely unexpected. For instance, he dropped his new song with Muzzy on the vocals, “ Rather Be Free” and wrapped it up with a heavy drum and bass drop that came out of nowhere and had the entire room losing their marbles. This is one of the reasons I’ll never get over seeing GRiZ live. You may hear the same songs from set to set but I guarantee that it won’t be the same break down or drop each time, he’s always got some insane tricks up his sleeve that will leave you speechless. As the set ended the crowd wasn’t ready to stop the party and neither was GRiZ. He came back out with an encore of “Wicked,” along with a captivating sax solo to end out an incredible night.


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Written By: Allison Evans


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