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“Hell Yes Fest” Feature Artist, Chris Trew: Exclusive Interview

Hell Yes Fest, New Orleans flagship comedy festival, kicked off October 6th, at the New Movement Theater. Over the next week, over fifty comedians will descend upon the greater New Orleans area. When highlighting the amazing national acts involved, it is impossible not to mention one of the festival’s founders and current talent curator, Chris Trew.

Trew, a self-described  “touring comedian, rapper, actor, improv teacher and professional wrestling manager,” has been a fixture in the New Orleans and Austin comedy scene.

The list of Chris’s accomplishments over the past decade is a thing of improv legend. He is the current host of the “Air Sex World Championships,” a founding member of “The New Movement,” a comedy training center/theater in Austin and New Orleans (Hell Yes Fest is an extension of The New Movement), a very successful professional wrestling manager (according to his website, “perhaps(probably) the most successful one working today”). Chris is also the creator of his own web and podcast series “Trew to the Game”, a podcast series dedicated to the New Orleans Pelicans. Bleacher Report named Chris the New Orleans Pelicans” biggest super fan in 2012.

Whether it’s touring, rapping, acting, teaching, wrestling, or having air sex, Chris Trew is someone New Orleans comedy fans should get to know and love. We sat down with Chris to find out more about Hell Yes Fest and the man behind the beard.

1.) So who is Chris Trew? How did you get started in comedy?

“I’m a comedian and I run the local comedy venue The New Movement along with a team of other comedians, writers, actors. Been doing comedy since 2004 and got into it by just doing it and then I kept doing it and then I didn’t stop and then I kept on not stopping”


2.) Well obviously the ladies love the beard. If you had to name your beard what would you call it??

“Not everyone does. One time a lady told me I would be much better looking without and I felt how ladies must feel when they are told by grumpy old men to smile more. I would name my beard Christopher”

3.) Who are some of your influences? who is your favorite comedian right now?

“My influences are anyone in any field who practices their art form while also creating a space for people to practice their art form. Musicians who open clubs, artists who open art galleries, etc. My favorite comedian right now is probably Hannibal Buress. On top of being funny he is also busting his ass and I appreciate the hustle”

4.) How much do you hate Dane Cook?

“I don’t! Loving Dane Cook is the new hating Dane Cook. Don’t @ me”

5.) This is the 5th year for Hell Yes Fest. How did Hell Yes Fest Start? What has been your favorite aspect since its origin??

“It started because this scene needed a flagship event. There was no annual thing that brought the scene together, gave locals something to work towards, and brought in out-of-towners. My favorite aspect is steady growth we’ve shown – from one headliner show to a couple to many. We’re also able to pull off more elaborate parties these days and provide more opportunities for people coming in from out of town”

6.) Boxer, briefs or commando?

“Boxers when I’m lounging, briefs when I’m relaxing, commando when I’m fighting”


7.) What are some upcoming projects for Chris Trew? Anything you want to share with the general public

“I’ve got some book projects in the works and hope to record an album early 2017. I also plan on being an assistant coach with the New Orleans Pelicans and purchasing a minor league hockey team to play in the city”

Learn why this weekend is the best time to check out the New Movement and see what their theater is all about!

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