Illenium Returns to New Orleans this Weekend With New Music and Stunning Visuals

Quite possibly 2017’s biggest producer in electronic music, Nick Miller, aka Illenium, is set to take over the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience this weekend in New Orleans, La. 

Since his debut in 2013, Miller continued to tackle all hurdles thrown his way in his climb to popularity. In just one year, Miller rose to become one of dance music’s young stars. His last appearance in New Orleans (April 2016) resulted in an epic sold-out show.

With the latest release of his sophomore album Awake, his fan-base increased tenfold by the entrancing melodic-bass sound he perfected. In an interview, he explained his love for the sound: “It’s what I like listening to so its what I end up creating. That’s the type of music that makes me feel something so I gravitate towards it.

The thirteen-piece LP takes listeners on an emotional journey from start to finish. The LP  features beloved tracks like “Feel Good” with Gryffin ft. Daya, “Crawl Outta Love” featuring Annika Wells, and “Fractures” ft. Nevve. 

Although it’s only been a year since his last visit, Miller returns with new music, remarkable visuals, and newly-found fame. Miller’s year will be capped off in style during Halloween weekend in the Big Easy.

Illenium will perform Saturday from 7:00 – 8:15 on the Le PLUR stage. If you are looking for a more intimate set, Illenium headlines the official Deja Voodoo after-party following the festival. The Deja Voodoo after-party is presented by Winter Circle Productions.

You can scoop your tickets for all the Deja Voodoo after parties here! 





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