Your Definitive Guide to Friday’s Voodoo Afterparties

Halloween weekend is upon us. Which means it’s also Voodoo weekend. Which means you, the fan, need to prepare for one of the best weekends New Orleans has to offer.

New York may be the city that never sleeps, but New Orleans is the city that never stops partying. For Voodoo weekend, both visitors and locals should plan ahead to make the best of their time.

When it comes to the afterparty scene, what New Orleans offers is a world-class experience without frills or pretensions. Artists from out of town who play here are eager to come back. Local artists, too, are amazing talents that don’t get nearly enough national attention.

To top it all off, the 24-hour operating time of some of the venues leave plenty of room for spontaneity. It’s not uncommon to hear about surprise sets by word of mouth. So while it’s easy to go for the *official* afterparties, perhaps it’s time to stray from the familiar and opt for something a little more underground.

…So without further delay, look below for Friday‘s breakdown of the best (unofficial) afterparties that New Orleans has to offer.

The 8th Annual Ballers Ball

Lineup: Big Tymer$, Birdman, Mannie Fresh

Location: The Maison

Time: 10 pm – 3 am

Vibes: (21+ event) This party features the royalty of New Orleans’s very own Cash Money Records. It’s a 20th anniversary celebration of Big Tymer$‘s first album How You Luv That. With support from Birdman and the legendary DJ Mannie Fresh, this is sure to be a throwback to the music that put New Orleans hip-hop on the map.

Tickets for the event are available HERE.

Trax Only Presents Gavin Rayna Russom (LCD Soundsystem)

Lineup: Gavin Rayna Russom, Trax Only (Bouffant Bouffant, Father Figure, Kathi)

Location: Poor Boys Bar

Time: 10pm – till

Vibes: (18+ event) This is the author’s pick of the night. Gavin Rayna Russom, one of the core members of the acclaimed LCD Soundsystem, is a remarkable solo artist in her own right. By combining synthesizer sounds with visual elements, she provides the medium for people to connect with one another. This is more than just a dance party; it’s a communal event.

Trax Only has a track record of showing up big when it comes to the party scene in New Orleans. From Southern Decadence to Mardi Gras, this collective throws some of the most underrated (and most debaucherous) parties in the city.

Word of advice – don’t spend too much time out in the patio of Poor Boys. You’ll miss out on the music. Don’t be timid; get yourself to the dance floor.

Tickets for the event are available HERE.

Spektrum Fridays Presents Bryan Normand

Lineup: Bryan Normand, aerica (Erica Lauren), Marcus Lott

Location: 810 South Peters Street

Time: 11pm – 5am

Vibes: (18+ event) Spektrum is one of the best-kept secrets of New Orleans nightlife. This underground house music weekly features resident DJs as well as guests playing extended sets. The sound system? One of the best in New Orleans. The crowd? Friendly, respectful, and local. The music? Some proper house spun by DJs who take it very seriously.

If you plan on going to Spektrum, get ready to dance till dawn. The event is free and does not require tickets.

WEAR HAUS Voodoo Edition Ft. PURGE

Lineup: PURGE, Unicorn Fukr, SILLVA, LA80s, Coyote Medicine, and more

Location: Gasa Gasa

Time: 11pm – till

Vibes: (18+ event) WEAR HAUS is a new event series looking to make its mark in the Uptown area of New Orleans. PURGE, the headlining act, is part of Skrillex‘s NEST/OWSLA label. The duo produce what they call “dark bass music”, a more melodic and moody take on the popular genre. Supporting DJ Unicorn Fukr will also bring his signature versatility. He can traverse from dubstep to funky house to techno and do so with style.

Gasa Gasa is a more intimate venue, so it may be wise to arrive early. Since Uptown is home to Tulane University, definitely expect a sizable college crowd for this after-party. RSVP HERE to guarantee free admission to the event. Otherwise, it’s $5 for 18+ and free for 21+.

Hawthorne Heights (Late Night Show)

Lineup: Hawthorne Heights, Paris Avenue, The Arbitrary

Location: The Willow

Time: 11pm – 2am

Vibes: (21+ event) Emo is back, baby. Fueled by nostalgia and a more modern critical lens, the resurgence of this genre is quite evident across the US. Many familiar bands are back to touring and releasing new music. Hawthorne Heights is fresh off an EP release titled Hurt. In 2016, the band also celebrated the 10th anniversary of their gold-certified album If Only You Were Lonely.

The Willow is as divey as dive bars get. It’s often a rite of passage for up-and-coming bands to perform at this venue. Get ready for a fun, interesting crowd here.

Tickets for the event are available HERE.

Author’s note: anyone looking for information on the official Deja Voodoo afterparties can follow the link HERE.

Did we miss any parties? Leave a comment if you know of a can’t-miss afterparty this Voodoo weekend. And stay tuned for our Saturday & Sunday guide!

Feature image courtesy of Comet Photography. All other images courtesy of respective event organizers.

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