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Video + Photo: Violin Players Gather At Jackson Square For Violin Vigil For Elijah McClain

Over the past month, New Orleans has been a safe haven for peaceful protests. The exception being a terrible run-in with the NOPD on I-10 in mid-June. Those peaceful protests have continued, as more and more victims of police brutality have been brought to light.

Yesterday night, various violin players gathered near the Jackson Square steps for a vigil honoring Elijah McClain. McClain, who was a violinist, died during an encounter with police in Aurora, Colorado last year. His story has ignited protests throughout the country, including New Orleans, and other large metropolitan areas. The vigil was created by local violist and journalist Angela Calonder. 

The moment was captured by local photographer Bryce Ell Photography. You can also watch the touching moment below via a video from Fox 8 news. 

📸 | Bryce Ell Photography
📸 | Bryce Ell Photography
📸 | Bryce Ell Photography
📸 | Bryce Ell Photography
📸 | Bryce Ell Photography

Violin vigil for Elijah McClain from r/NewOrleans


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