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JAMNOLA & La Adorna Team Up for the ‘House of Eclectic Souls’

Coming soon to JAMNOLA for the spooky season: a special collaboration featuring New Orleans artist La Adorna. La Adorna creates unique garment pieces, all individually handcrafted with meticulous precision. This combination between La Adorna and JAMNOLA is a match made in hallow season heaven! 

What exactly is in store? La Adorna brings her vision, vibrant lights and vibrant craft couture to transform JAMNOLA into a spectacular and enchanting journey of glittery ghouls, sparkling specters and avant-garde apparitions. 

Enjoy a hauntingly beautiful guided private or semi-private tour of our 12 exhibits that includes La Adorna curated playlist, artist appearances, professional photography, a costume contest with prizes, goodie bags and more. 

Break out your glue guns, sequins and trim and join in the costume culture pageantry (costumes are HIGHLY recommended). Craft and don your own unique costume themed around a House of Eclectic Souls “room,” below.

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Option 1: What’s Your Jam?
Costume color inspiration is yellow, orange, green & blue. 
With music & joy to the dressings on your favorite po-boy, everything New Orleans is anything but coy. Draw inspiration from the French Quarter Streets. 

Option 2: Night Beads / Flavor Paper Wall Paper
Costume color inspiration is black, & neon colors.

Neon light and outta site, this space is an ultraviolet creatures delight. Spots from floor to ceiling give an otherworldly feeling.

Option 3: Bling Bayou
Costume color inspiration is gold.

Dress in your best glittery gold attire as this swamp room will set your platinum heart on fire. Think sequins, jewels, gilded metal hues & come as the most lux swamp creature muse.

Option 4: Spirit Trees 
Costume color inspiration is silver & bone. 

Whispering voices can be heard though no human voice has spoken a word. Filled with endless patterns and many a simple mark, flashing lights will fill the dark.

Option 5: Joy of Crawfish
Costume color inspiration is red.

Boiling with hot heat, being tossed into this spicy pot is not a treat. Zatarains fill your nose, you’ll feel the broil down to your toes. 

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