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Tracey’s Irish Bar Ordered To Immediately Cease Operation After Large Saints Crowds This Monday

Tracey’s Orginal Irish Bar is at it again. The Irish Channel bar was at the forefront of the COVID-19 problems back in March when the bar housed large crowds during St. Patricks day weekend. That event followed just several days after Mayor Cantrell orders no large gathering in the city of NOLA. 

This time around Tracey’s is once again defying the cities phase 2 restrictions and posting about it on social media. Videos from Twitter show Tracey’s packing in the crowds during this past Monday’s Saints game.

Not only did the videos show violations, but Tracey’s current owner was also caught defying the odds and claiming guests should “stay there ass at home if you are scared.” Screenshots from the user Ruckus’70, who identifies as the “proprietor of a sports bar in Irish channel,” show the comments below the video. 

After those incidents occurred on Twitter this Tuesday, Mayor Cantrell and the city have responded by ordering Tracey’s to cease operation until the bar can “provide an operational & management plan to the City which must include a viable solution to properly handle overcrowding.” A letter obtained from the city specifically cites failure to enforce mask-wearing, allowing patrons to sit at the bar rather than at tables, and a failure to enforce social distancing. You can see the Mayor’s full response below. 

There has been no response from the bar, or their owner as of 3 pm Wednesday. We will update this story as more information becomes available.  Tracey’s has provided an UPDATE via WDSU and Fletcher Travers Mackel. You can read that new information below.


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