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URGENT: Jefferson SPCA Needs Your Help! Foster a Dog Today!

As many of us are aware but often don’t think about, animals are euthanized every day due to overcrowding in shelters. Right now, the neighborhood Jefferson SPCA has 15 dogs that are on the urgent list. This means they will be euthanized if they don’t find homes to foster these animals. All of these sweet pups are just looking for a home to love them until they find their forever family.

Do your part in any way that is accessible to you. If you have room for a dog or two or know a friend who does — fostering an animal is an amazing way to give back to the community.

Plus, you will actually be saving an innocent animal’s life. These dogs will be euthanized very soon if not fostered. Take Paws Rescue has applications on their website here.

Don’t have room in your home or can’t take pets? Support or donate to Jefferson SPCA here

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