Lane 8’s Unique Shows are Bringing Clubbing Back to the Basics

More than ever, clubbing seems more like a performance than an experience. The imagery is all too familiar. Crowds of people craning their necks towards the DJ booth. A sea of phones aimed up front, in pursuit of the “perfect shot.” And outside the venue, jaded professionals lingering in the smokers’ section to catch up with their colleagues.

A sea of phones on the dance floor is a familiar (and distracting) sight. / Vasilis Ververidis and

Each instance takes the club-goer away from the moment and the music. Producer and DJ Lane 8 has a keen understanding about these distractions, recalling early clubbing experiences that left a lasting impression that remained throughout his music career. With his sophomore album Little By Little out in January 2018, he hopes to continue that legacy through the accompanying album tour.

Over the past two years, Lane 8 developed a concept for his headlining events called “This Never Happened,” which attempts to replicate the magic of his early clubbing experiences. It stipulates no phones or cameras on the dance floor, a policy that many clubs in Berlin enacted years ago in order to preserve its world-famous club culture.

This Never Happened” is more than just a “no-phone/camera” policy, however. It’s also a mindset that encourages attendees to lose themselves in the music, and form connections with the people around them. Club regulars have responded enthusiastically to the concept. In an open letter to fans, Lane 8 explained his desire to continue this format for his ongoing album tour.

You can read the letter in full below:

Lane 8’s open letter to fans.

Rave footage from the 90s gives us a rare glimpse of how things used to (and still could) be.

Without the nagging desire to record or text friends, clubbers were free to lose themselves in the moment. The result is sometimes spectacular – during peak hours, when the crowd recognizes a popular hit or a timeless classic, the energy of the room is palpable.

This footage from Liverpool’s Quadrant Park in the 90s shows just how feverish the crowd can become. In this instance, N-Joi‘s timeless house track “Anthem” begins to play as everyone erupts into cheers, almost drowning out the music.

If this was any indication of what’s possible, “This Never Happened” is a concept that we hope to see more artists and venues take on.

Lane 8’s busy album tour will take him to many more US cities, and also includes stops in Australia as well as the UK.

Upcoming US stops will take place through February and March 2018. Cities in the tour include New Orleans, Tampa, Washington DC, Atlanta, Denver, and many more.

Tickets for the Little By Little Tour are available HERE.

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