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#Road2BUKU: Bouffant Bouffant [Exclusive Mix]

For our second installment of #Road2BUKU, our exclusive guest mix series to get fans ready for the dance floor, we present Bouffant Bouffant. Brett LaBauve, aka Bouffant Bouffant, has ingrained his name in the New Orleans underground community with his striking, yet funky disco beats. Making a huge appearance on Boiler Room: New Orleans with other local legends like DJ Soul Sister, Bouffant Bouffant made a huge leap from New Orleans underground to worldwide notoriety. In 2017, he made his European debut with shows in London, Paris, and Berlin. 

His collective, TRAX ONLY has gained notable recognition for many years for organizing underground queer warehouse parties. They have hosted several nationally known artists such as Octa Octa, The Carry Nation, Egyptian Lover, and more. 

Listen to this eclectically driven mix that showcases Bouffant Bouffant’s multi-talented mixing experience as he guides you on a disco, electro, classic and acid house adventure.


We asked Brett a few questions about his BUKU experiences and what, to him, makes BUKU Music + Art Project such a special event. 

What does “BUKU” mean to you?

“To me, BUKU is a music festival set in a picturesque location on the Mississippi river with a young and excited audience. I’m really proud of BUKU Music + Art Project for really listening to some constructive criticism and diversifying their line up to include more gay, queer, and queer people of color this year.”

“This matches their already existing comital to a diverse genre lineup and is sure to offer visibility of these queer groups and artist to a young audience, further diversifying their audience as well. Claps to BUKU for this.”

How many times have you been to BUKU? What year has been your favorite so far?

“I have attended BUKU a couple years, last year being my favorite because I was with good friends at night on the Mississippi River wandering from different art installations and stages.”

What is your favorite part of BUKU?

“My favorite part of BUKU is that they give people a beautiful venue and space to feel a sense of freedom, celebration, and to dance to some of their favorite music.

Which artist on the lineup would you most want to collaborate with? What would that collaboration look like?

“I have so much respect and admiration for Princess Nokia. She’s such a strong and fierce woman of color who is known to for standing up for what she believes in, taking care of herself, and an incredible musical and lyrical talent. That collaboration would be her delivering a verse over a funhouse song with a classic Chicago texture.”

A huge thank you to Bouffant Bouffant! Get tickets to BUKU Music + Art Project held in New Orleans on March 9-10 before it’s sold out! Tickets still available here.

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