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NOLA’s Very Own LeTrainiump Drops Pop/Alt-R&B Anthem of Unyielding Affection

LeTrainiump is excited to drop its latest track, “Falling Again,” a catchy tune that delves into unexpected love and the beauty of committing to life’s everyday moments. The song’s birth happened during a chill session with musicians, writers, and artists in the studio. 

LeTrainiump recalls the vibe, saying,

“We went with the flow, and that night, our gutarist played this magical yet simple lead line, and we all knew we had the vibe for this song.”

The journey to “Falling Again” continued with a search for deep lyrics. Inspired by an unexpected quote on falling in love, LeTrainiump dug into personal experiences, turning it into a story about choosing love daily, even when life throws curveballs.

From typical lovey-dovey verses, the lyrics transformed into a tale about picking love every day, no matter what. LeTrainiump shares, “The best love stories aren’t written; they just light up the room.”

Straight outta the Louisiana swamps, LeTrainiump is a New Orleans-based Pop/R&B band. Mixing smooth R&B hooks, 80s synths, and funky grooves, their music is a vibe. In just four years, they’ve rocked everything from small clubs to Pelicans halftime shows. Collaborating with Grammy-nominated and winning artists, LeTrainiump keeps pushing boundaries.

Capturing the essence of unexpected love, “Falling Again” hit all major streaming platforms this past week, offering a chance to vibe with LeTrainiump’s unique style. Listen Below to feel the vibe. 


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