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Behind the Noodles: An Interview with LoMeyn

LoMeyn is changing the scenery of electronic music in New Orleans with his chill-future bass style and noodle-tastic jams. The 25-year-old DJ/producer and co-founder of Dohm Collective, known as Nick Meyn to his inner circle, burst onto the electronic music scene a little over a year ago and has thrilled crowds with his vibey sets, opening for acts like What So Not, Louis Futon, Hotel Garuda, Branchez and DJ Sliink.

We took a little time to chat with the self-proclaimed “Yung Noodle Lordt” about music, his upcoming show with Hudson Mohawke and noodles, of course.


What were you doing before you started making electronic music?

“I’ve been playing piano since about 6 years old, and I picked up drumming after that. I marched in the drum line at Brother Martin and owe a lot of my musicianship to my band director and drum instructor, Marty Hurley. I marched in the LSU drumline for 2 years and ended up having to get a job to support myself through college. I had been drumming every day for the past 6+ years, so I was looking for a creative outlet. I was really into hip-hop at the time, and I bought a Maschine beat pad and a keyboard. I was primarily making hip-hop beats for some local artists, but I got really into the electronic scene through BUKU. It exposed me to a bunch of incredible artists of different genres that I never would’ve seen otherwise.”

How would you describe your style?

“My style is a combination of all of my influences. I love so many different styles of music, and I don’t limit myself to playing or making one particular genre. It keeps things fresh and interesting. I would describe it as ‘noodley.’”

What’s your favorite accomplishment?

“My greatest accomplishment in the music scene would have to be at Bonnaroo with Dohm Collective this past June. We had over 500 people in and around Dohm and it was the craziest thing I’ve experienced as a DJ thus far. People were crowd surfing and going so hard on the first night! It felt great.”

You started DJing a year ago, and now you’re opening for Hudson Mohawke. What’s that like?

“It’s crazy to think about. Hud Mo is such a huge inspiration to me. I’ve been listening to him since I first heard “C-bat” on Workaholics. His set at BUKU in 2015 was so damn good, and I’m really excited about opening for him at Republic. It’s going to be an incredible show!”

Who are you listening to right now that you’re really into?

“Some dope artists I’ve been listening to on repeat would be Ellzo, j.robb, Tony Quattro, Two Fresh, Mikos Da Gawd, xander, and so much more.”

Chicken, beef or shrimp lo mein?

“House combination with all 3!”

Catch LoMeyn opening up for Hudson Mohawke with Oasik this Friday at Republic!  Get tickets!

Listen to River Beats Ep. 003 featuring LoMeyn!


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facebook |twitter | instagram | soundcloud