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Looking For Events During Mardi Gras? Try This Circus Theatre Party

events during mardi gras

As a transplant, one of the questions I get most when going back to the Northeast is this one, “is Mardi Gras really as crazy as they say?”

But the question isn’t exclusive to whether you’ve settled in NOLA, or have been rooted here since birth. If you’ve ever even visited New Orleans, people want to know: what’s real and what are the myths about Mardi Gras?

We’ve all got our answers, but the truth is that explaining the real nature of Mardi Gras is close to impossible. How do you give words to a spirit? It’s easier to feel it when you see it; more than parades and plastic throws. It’s the frenetic energy; the never-ending options of eccentric events during Mardi Gras.

One of those events is a distillation of Carnival season’s wild pitch into a circus dinner show. LadyBEAST Productions offers you Vaude d’Gras at the Marigny Opera House: a baroque circus show bringing the indescribable Mardi Gras energy to life in a vaudeville fashion.

Who is LadyBEAST Productions?

LadyBEAST Productions is a NOLA based circus performer, and her like-titled entertainment production company. LadyBEAST specializes in Houdini-esque illusions, aerial acts (hooping, rope walking), and fire performance. All this, and along with a long list of other skills. Apart from being a talented circus artist, LadyBEAST lead produces events, like the upcoming Vaude d’Gras, and last season’s Marquee burlesque shows at Le Petit Théâtre. LadyBEAST gave a TED talk on circus and performing arts, highlighting a straight-jacket escape she once made, hanging from a hot air balloon over Burning Man. You can watch the inspirational talk below:


What is Vaude d’Gras?

As LadyBEAST Productions, LadyBEAST creates immersive experiences in historic and intriguing venues around New Orleans. With Vaude d’Gras, LB actualizes the “how is this possible?” spirit of Carnival. The Marigny Opera House becomes a dressed-up version of the big tent; capturing attention regardless of all the other vying events during Mardi Gras.


With an ensemble cast comes vaudeville acts, impressive balancing feats, and unmatchable circus stunts– plus, sideshow performances too. Set within a classical baroque-themed dinner party, LadyBEAST has infused Vaude d’Gras with extravagant details and pure passion. The result is an arresting work that is one part circus, one part theatre, and two parts exactly the flexibility one needs to live life in New Orleans during this season. 


The Marigny Opera House

Vaude d’Gras takes over the Marigny Opera House starting Friday, Feb. 21st. The Marigny Opera House is a long-standing piece of New Orleans culture & history. Originally, the building was constructed as a church. Once burned, it was rebuilt and carried through several generations as Holy Trinity, then St. Roch Chapel. Finally, in 2011 it was purchased by Dave Hurlbert and Scott King, who began using it as an arts venue. Since then, it has hosted countless dance, classical music, jazz, musical theatre, and opera performances. Now, a circus joins the lists of things MOH can cover.  

Event Details

Marigny Opera House: 725 Saint Ferdinand Street // info@marignyoperahouse.org// 504.948.9998

LUNDIGRAS – Feb 24th

Tickets: $20-$45

Doors at 7:30. Show at 8 pm

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