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Lost City of Atlantis Discovered in Uptown Pothole

in New Orleans, We’ve become quite used to potholes opening up all over the city, but nothing quite like this. Over the weekend, the neighborhood community of Broadmoor became unexpected neighbors of a new municipality. The lost city of Atlantis has rejoined the surface world when a pothole opened up on the corner of S Broad and Napoleon.

A mixture of excitement, fear, and confusion has spread across the uptown neighborhood as residents are unsure of the future of their part of town. Mary Singletary, a life-long resident of Broadmoor, expressed her concern about the new discovery.

“I mean it’s great and all they found it again,” she said. “But this just throws a wrench in construction that JUST finished up! So are we supposed to expect even more traffic because of this? Very inconsiderate of them to show up now, just before school is supposed to start.”Mary Singletary, resident of Broadmoor

Paul Jones, a transplant who’s lived in the area for a few years now, is among some of the more confused residents. “Atlantis? I thought that shit was in Georgia.”

River Beats was unable to reach any citizens of Atlantis for comment at this time.  NOPD is still investigating the new municipality. City Council will be meeting to determine the future of this new city.

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Featured Photo Credit Alanna Ketler

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