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Louisiana Registers 5,000 Patients in Medical Marijuana Program in Just One Month

This may be one of my favorite topics of the year. Just this past week, Louisiana medical marijuana patients received their first prescriptions of medical-grade THC from the state. We detailed the delivery and the steps leading up to it in great lengths, as it signaled a pretty historic moment in Louisiana but in the South in general. 

Fast forward to this week and the numbers are flooding in. Louisiana pharmacies are reporting no marijuana shortages, as Louisiana has about 5,000 medical marijuana patients so far. Those numbers will grow even larger in the next few weeks. GB Sciences Louisiana, one of two state-sanctioned medical marijuana growers, is reporting the record number of users so far. 

Only Nine medical marijuana pharmacies are permitted to dispense the products. You can read all the facts on where and how this product is being distributed inside our state here. 

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