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City Park’s Storyland Closing July 8th for Massive Renovations, the Park’s First in 35 Years

If you have any summertime plans to visit Storyland in City Park, now is your time. City Park New Orleans just announced the 60-year-old Storyland playground in New Orleans’ City Park is a massive makeover, the first one in almost 35 years.

According to the director of development at City Park, Casie Duplechain, four new exhibits and some fantastic updates to the 18 current exhibits are planned. The makeovers for the current attractions will add interactive play and even a bit of science.

“As it stands, kids can go in and climb, but the parents just watch,” Duplechain said. Now, she said, “Each one will be an opportunity for parents to play with their children.”


For example, the spaceship located inside the park will be brought to Earth so kids who use wheelchairs can go in. New buttons will start it vibrating, as if it’s about to take off. Another vibrant example would be the Gingerbread Man who stands by a newly developed Candyland game. The game will have an arrow to spin and a path of color-coded blocks. Each color has a different question about other stories and rhymes. 

“The kids are so excited. So are their parents,” Duplechain said.


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