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Watch The Big 6 Brass Band Play ‘Baby Shark’ Like Only a Band From New Orleans Would

We have all hummed it a few times of the past year, and if you haven’t, you have surely heard it played out everywhere. I’m, of course, talking about the viral hit ‘Baby Shark.’ The song has been just about everywhere over the past 365 days.

It’s really nothing special, just a really corny chorus line with some very very upbeat lyrics and melodies. But for some reason, children around the country and world are hooked on this song unlike anything else we’ve seen. It has recorded about 1 billion plays across Spotify, youtube, and other streaming services. A worthy number in today’s digital age. 

But sometimes weird viral challenges can lead to some really cool moments, and that’s what we stumbled upon this morning. The city of New Orleans posted a very cool video showing the Big 6 Brass Band and the #ZuluTramps giving the song their very own New Orleans style rendition, and it actually sounds pretty damn amazing. 

Hopefully, this trend continues and we hear this all during carnival season! Watch the full video below! 

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