Mersiv Illustrates a New Home For Bass at City Bar [Show Review]

Bassheads across South Louisiana flocked to the newly renovated City Bar in Baton Rouge to indulge in the seductive, heavy wubs of Louisiana-native Mersiv.

On December 22, it seemed as though New Orleans’ bass scene migrated to Baton Rouge. Or, perhaps, it was here all along. It just hadn’t been properly tapped yet. Pashmina adorned friends and family showed up eager to bang their heads and become immersed in some bass.

First, a quick note on the newly renovated City Bar. The new layout upstairs, where all electronic shows will be held, flows much better. The bar, originally an island in the middle of the floor, now sits on the wall. Attendees can now move freely, dancing as they please from front to back. The bartenders were quick, courteous and clearly enjoying the music. The renovations downstairs implemented a new stage, new lighting and lounge seating on a patio.

Now, for the actual show.

Locals Yeaux and Shiver Me Timbers opened and offered flawless, eclectic performances as they threw in tracks by G Jones, CharlestheFirst and some of their own originals.

Mersivs’s signature spiral logo faded onto the visualizer just before submerging the crowd into a gritty assault of wubs. VJ Brreck, a longtime friend of Mersiv, accompanied the low-end madness with Tipper-esque visuals that only a passionate artist could design.

The long-haired producer/DJ, hailing from Shreveport, mashed up dirty south rap with heavy yet smooth bass. Yung Joc and Boosie lyrics were layered over cascading drops. (Attendees screamed several “what the fuck?!”s in response to the mashups). Mersiv’s sample of Lil Wayne’s signature “hello, it’s the martian” was easily one of the highlights of the night.

Mersiv capped off his set with the track everyone had been waiting for: his remix of “Bitch I’m From Louisiana.” I don’t need to explain how incredibly wild the atmosphere became. But, to be frank, people lost their shit.

Mersiv became a rising star in the bass scene after performing multiple sets at Electric Forest this year. Shortly after, he was signed to Madison House, where he joined a roster who boasts influential creatives such as Alex & Allyson Grey, Bassnectar, Mt Eden, The Iceman Special and The String Cheese Incident. Some bassheads are even calling the
young producer from Louisiana the next Lorin Ashton.

If you get the chance, be sure to catch this immersive experience and check out one of the upcoming bass shows at City Bar Baton Rouge.

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