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Major League Baseball’s Twitter Account Just Savagely Trolled An Atlanta Falcons Fan

28-3. It’s a score New Orleans Saints fans will remember for a long time. And no, it’s not a score that has anything to do with a previous saints game. 

28-3 is the deficit the New England Patriots faced against the Atlanta Falcons in Superbowl LI before storming back to win 34-28 in overtime.

Over the past two seasons, football fans all over the world have viciously trolled Falcons fans over their stunning defeat. Meanwhile, the city of New Orleans has made shirts, bought billboards, and showcased how awesome it was to watch the Falcons lose the Superbowl.

And today the Major League Baseball added fuel to the fire by savagely trolling an Atlanta Falcons fan on Twitter. It all started with an innocent tweet from the MLB asking fans to RT if they love baseball. A Falcons fan responded by saying “Baseball-Sucks” and the MLB and other Twitter users let him know what the real deal is. You can see the full exchange below!

The responses from the Baseball Twitterverse have been fantastic

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