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From Funeral Home To Haunted House Are You Brave Enough to Spend Halloween Here?

It’s no secret that New Orleans is iconically haunted. From French Quarter hauntings to Garden District ghosts, our city’s history comes with a spooky backstory. If you’re in a seasonal mood for Halloween, the New Orleans Mortuary is a menacing must. The legend of the haunted mansion on Canal Street dates back to 1872 – when it operated for over 80 years as an actual mortuary.

Less than three miles from the historic French Quarter – and just across the street from one of the city’s iconic above-ground cemeteries, the New Orleans Mortuary is a staple for the disturbed and the spooky inclined.

Care to take a walk through the New Orleans mortuary? Proceed if you dare…


This historic, Victorian mansion has served multiple purposes over its 150 years.

The space operates year-round as an event venue & escape room, but during Halloween its true spooky energy comes through.

Every year their themes & attractions change, so even Mortuary regulars won’t know what to expect.

This year – they have interactive Zombie hunting. What better way to take out your quarantine frustration than on the the living dead?

Not buying it? Dozens of paranormal investigators from around the globe have verified the building as being truly haunted.


You may come in to contact with a few lingering spirits during your visit. Two young, spirit pranksters are known to play tricks on unsuspecting visitors.

Other times – a woman in white is seen at the top floor, crying out for her husband.

New Orleans Mortuary

The house is also surrounded by New Orleans “Cities of Dead,” or above-ground cemeteries. They may have picked up a few spare souls looking for a new home.

New Orleans Mortuary

It’s no wonder the Mortuary has been featured as one of America’s Scariest Attractions…

New Orleans Mortuary

Now one of the most popular haunted houses in New Orleans – it isn’t a place for the weak of heart.

New Orleans Mortuary

If you’re ready to spend halloween in a real haunted house – this is your spot. Check out The New Orleans Mortuary for information on this year’s haunted schedule and COIVD-19 updates.

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images via the New Orleans Mortuary

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