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PJ’s Coffee Brings The Mardi Gras Flavor With These Limited Offers

It’s Carnival in New Orleans, and that means Mardi Gras everything. The colors, sounds, and flavors are best this time of year. New Orleans based PJ’s Coffee is bringing this all together with several limited-time, Mardi Gras inspired offers for the season. Read on for all the tasty details. 

Grab These PJ’s Coffee Drinks Before They Mambo Out of Town

Let’s start with the cult-favorite PJ’s Coffee King Cake Flavored Latte. Rich espresso and steamed milk (PJ’s offers dairy alternatives) combine for a tasty take on the traditional beverage. Then, cinnamon, vanilla, and whipped cream top the drink. A classic purple sanding seals the deal, and you’ve got your slice of King Cake in a cup. 

Next, there’s the Zulu Iced Mocha. Full-bodied Viennese cold brew is mixed with the milk of your choice, some Hershey’s chocolate, and a rich pairing of coconut concentrate. The result is smooth and celebratory, just like the well-known namesake parade.

Finally, there is the King Cake Protein Velvet Ice. This specialty drink is for those looking to pack a protein punch into their afternoon cuppa. The Velvet Ice starts with PJ’s Original Cold Brew mixed with fat-free milk, and no-sugar-added vanilla powder. Whey protein concentrate is blended in, and the barista serves a 26g of protein, Ochsner Eat Fit powerhouse of a drink. PJ's Coffee

No matter which of these you’re drinking, PJ’s Coffee is serving up your Carnival specialty drink is a flared Mardi Gras themed to-go cup. Get your king cake fix at PJ’s Coffee now until the end of the season (or they’re all bought up).


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