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Forget Chicken Sandwiches, You Need To Visit The ONLY Popeyes Buffet Left In The World

Listen up, we totally get the hype for the viral Popeyes Chicken sandwich. The chicken sandwich wars have been raging on for about two weeks now. With Popeyes challenging Chick-Fil-A and Wendy’s for dominance in the chicken sandwich category. 

Now whether you agree or disagree that popeyes may be the dominant choice, which it is, you need to get over this chicken debate and go after the real white whale: The last popeyes buffet in the world. 

That’s right people, Lafeyette Louisiana is home to the LAST Popeyes Buffett ever. At 3500 Pinhook Road, lies the last remaining Popeyes buffet. For just $9, you can eat spicy and mild fried chicken, biscuits, fries, red beans and rice, rice dressing, mashed potatoes & gravy, and fried liver. 

Unfortunately, the location is not offering unlimited chicken sandwiches, don’t worry we checked. 

The last remaining buffet made news last year after the late Anthony Bourdain admitted to dining at the restaurant for three days straight in 2018. So while you keep arguing about which chicken sandwich is better, we’re gonna chow down on the madness that is the last popeyes buffet. 

Check out some of the amazing media from this sweet location below! 

Featured Image: Hot 107.9

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