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Portculture to Showcase Local Artists at Urban South Brewery This Weekend

Local artists’ collective Portculture will host a troupe of local artists at Urban South Brewery this Saturday.

Dubbed as the “arts renaissance of the gulf-coast,” Portculture works to expose local artists and musicians throughout the south. The group is hosting the sixth installment of their Urban South arts market this Saturday. The free monthly shows have been a hit with the community, and they’re only growing. Market-goers can expect music, games, a wide variety of local art and specialty Urban South Brews.

It all started in 2015 with Leeaux Djinn. A young entrepreneur and illustrator, Leeaux wanted to create a platform for underground and emerging artists to share their work and collaborate. That’s where Portculture steps in.

The markets want to “inspire creative change in the community around us and to help provide a way for dedicated artists and brands to share their work to a loving audience and new family.”

It’s a collective run by artists, for artists. And with a strict “no booth fee” policy, Portculture gives lesser-known artists a platform that may have previously been unreachable.

Check out the Portculture x Urban South arts market this Saturday night. Follow River Beats New Orleans to stay in the know on art in New Orleans!

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