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QUIX Excites NOLA During His 2017 World Tour

trap-artist, QUIx’s New Orleans debut was a huge success for republic nola, this past Saturday. With the oversaturation of “trap” music, it’s becoming harder and harder for an artist to really stand out within the genre. However, QUIX is one of the few leading the pack and carving his own place with his own unique sound.

Last Saturday night, Republic NOLA and Winter Circle Productions–once again–proved why the venue and event promoters lead the local scene in New Orleans, year after year. Acquired by AEG Live (now, AEG Presents) in 2015, Winter Circle draws some of the most diverse, in-demand musical acts to perform at Republic NOLA. And, this is especially true this Fall.

Thanks to the Republic crowd, this young producer from New Zealand, QUIX felt right at home playing a show in the Big Easy.

Kicking things off, sfam delivered another one of their signature high-energy performances as local support. Despite his success abroad, not many people at Republic NOLA on Saturday seemed to be at all familiar with QUIX and his music before this show. I certainly wasn’t.

Luckily, whether previously QUIX fans or not, most people came into his set with a blank slate and an open mind. And, that’s all he really needed to soar.

Not only was I impressed, I left that show starving for more–more QUIX, more of his music, just more. That is the secret ingredient for a successful set: you always want to leave the crowd wanting more and more.

QUIX spent most of 2016 playing for crowds all across both, New Zealand and Australia, getting better and better with each performance. Now, his 2017 world tour has stops in Asia, the “Dirty South,” and everywhere in between–seriously.

If you already missed QUIX at Republic NOLA, then we recommend you take special note of the remaining shows on the Fall Schedule.
Don’t miss out on any more music coming to New Orleans.


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