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River Beats’ #Road2BUKU Featuring TVBOO

For us, BUKU Music + Art Project is about so many different aspects than who is sitting at the top of the lineup. What makes BUKU hold such a deep place in our hearts is all of the special moments. In particular, the local and upcoming talent provides a rich flavor into the true culture of New Orleans, the Big Easy.

We developed the #Road2BUKU exclusive guest mix series to highlight local and upcoming artists who are performing at BUKU Music + Art Project this year. Also, to get fans hype as f*ck before the actual madness begins. Every Friday up to BUKU, we will release a new episode of #Road2BUKU featuring your favorite local artists on the 2018 BUKU lineup.

To kick off our #Road2BUKU 2018, we have Mississippi-raised TVBOO. TVBOO (pronounced Taboo) has been making his name in New Orleans steadily over the last year by having an impressive production quality with a live performance that is rare to see in a blossoming new artist.

We asked TVBOO a few questions about his BUKU Music + Art Project experiences so far.


What does “BUKU” mean to you?

“BUKU used by Vietnamese, picked up by the Veterans of the Vietnam War. Means “a lot of” or “many.” derived from the French word “beaucoup” meaning ‘much’

Nah all BS aside BUKU means a lot to me. It’s a festival that changed my life forever and to be apart of it alongside some of my favorite artists means the world to me.”

How many times have you been to BUKU? What year has been your favorite so far?

“I’ve been to BUKU 3 times. 2013 was my first year and it’s by far my favorite.

I was just a young metalhead who wanted to expand his music knowledge, and went because my brother told me I needed to check out a band called ‘STS9’.

That was the weekend I was introduced to electronic music and it changed my life. Growing up in Jackson Mississippi, I didn’t hear too much of it so to hear it on a big system with thousands of people was the best way I could’ve been introduced to it.”

What is your favorite part of BUKU?

“How lit it is! I’ve been to a bunch of festivals but none of them throw down quite like they do at BUKU. I think the Float Den is the most hype stage in the country.”

Which artist on the lineup would you most want to collaborate with? What would that collaboration look like?

“I’d love to do a live collaboration with A Day to Remember because I love that band and know every one of their songs on drums. I know they have a drummer but a dude can dream that the drummer would let me get a song in. I’d be okay with dying after that too. ADTR if you’re reading this, you know what to do <3”


Thanks for listening! Check out our past #Road2BUKU mixes here, featuring Boogie T, Dohm Collective, Lleuna & Unicorn Fukr.

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